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DENCO Medical Services

DENCO Medical Construction Specialist is an experienced Texas based design & construction company specializing in medical, optical and dental construction. Over the years we have built strong relationships with our highly skilled and dedicated tradespersons who understand your core values. We work closely with the design team that are tuned in and understand the parameters of an excellent medical, optical and dental construction. The design team specialize in 3D documentation, this proves to be a vital tool that enables the client to get a true reflection of their specialist medical equipment with in the design and layout of their new practice. Also 3D documentation proves to be a very powerful aid in getting the correct ergonomic configuration within the practice layout.

Today we are known for our commitment to excellence and satisfaction for our clients. The success of this philosophy is evident to our client’s, they retain our services for future projects because of our dedication to meeting their needs and the needs of their projects.