Denco rebuilds Greenville Ave after fire Destroys Building

11 April 2018
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11 April 2018, Comments: 0

Update: The fire reportedly started in Terill’s Restaurant and Bat. The fire spread to Greenville Bar & Grill, Huricane Crill and Micks.

(AP) Several businesses were destroyed by fire in the restaurant-packed lower Greenville Avenue area of Dallas at a time when the places were closed.

The multi-alarm fire, reported shortly before 6 a.m. Tuesday, left at least one firefighter injured. Bright flames were seen blazing in several buildings until the fire was doused.

One firefighter was seen receiving oxygen and being transported from the smoke-filled scene.

Investigators will try to determine what started the fire that spread to several businesses. The fire left behind the burned-out remains of at least three restaurants.

A fire department spokesperson did not immediately return messages Tuesday from The Associated Press.

Gregg Merkow, who owns two restaurants in the area, said he “raced down here to see smoke bellowing out of my bar.”

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