Total Construction Management

Commercial Construction & Interior Remodeling


New construction or commercial remodeling can catapult your business into a new, exciting and profitable future, but at the same time, it can be extremely daunting. Most people experience the construction run-around. They talk to an engineer or designer, who designs plans. Then they take the plans to a builder to find out that their dreams are not within their budget. So they take the plans back to the designer. With new plans in hand, they contract with the builder. The builder then delegates the project to subcontractors who have never met with the clients or designers. Details get lost in the confusion. The calendar and budget get thrown in the trash.

DENCO Solutions Total Construction Management is a whole-project approach that focuses on the customer’s needs. You can keep your entire project in-house at DENCO Solutions. We will help you develop your initial idea and quickly move through the budgeting and planning phases. With years of experience, we can build effective and realistic budgets and schedules based off of your dreams. We will stick to your budget and your schedule. You can also bring DENCO Solutioons on board after you have your design in place.

Many commercial contractors rely on estimates from subcontractors who do not have ‘the big picture’ in mind. With Conceptualized Estimating, and through years of experience, DENCO Solutions can provide a realistic picture of what your project will mean to your bottom line, when you can go online and what it all means to your future.

Restaurant Design & More!

Denco Solutions provides restaurant design & construction in the Dallas, TX and Garland, TX area. If you’re looking for that perfect design, we are the place to go to. We will get the job done correctly and efficiently. Don’t worry about the details or the end result. We will take care of it all and give you the finished product you always desired. Stop by our location today for more details!

Commercial Construction Management

After cultivating your idea, DENCO Solutions will work hand-in-hand with designers, engineers and designers to get your project on paper and build a game plan for your future. Our commitment does not stop there.

Having walked our clients through the planning process, we can quickly move through the building phase. Because we have tended to the details, we can translate your project from plans to reality. Our emphasis on communication eliminates time delays and money waste. Our project managers will be onsite to ensure quality workmanship. The DENCO Solutions team is well-qualified and has the requisite education, experiences and licenses.

Our recently finished restaurant at Lake Ray Hubbard is the talk of the town. We have enjoyed a lot of publicity, accolades, and rave reviews for the Project, the location, and the building you have completed. … Thank you for your attention to detail, and your ongoing customer service.

- Ernie Quilantan, Primo's Tex-Mex Bar & Grille

After construction is complete DENCO Solutions will continue to stand by you. Our post-occupancy services include rapid response to service and warranty calls, building maintenance programs and commercial remodeling services.

At DENCO Solutions we focus on more than just building your project—we want to help build your future. We understand the importance of your clients’ comfort. We will stand by you as a partner you can trust—and your project deserves nothing less.

If you are interested in starting your next construction project with us, call 214-869-9199 today!

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